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A vape pen comes in many shapes and sizes, but the Kandypens Gravity stands alone at the top of everyone’s wish list. Built specifically for vaporizing concentrates, the Gravity boasts brand new features like the choice of two coils, more power settings, and an “Elevated” Airflow System.


Kandypens Gravity Vaporizer released the Gravity in 2016 to critical acclaim and won the Best Vape Pen of 2016 by the very trusted Vape Critic. Firstly, This hot, new company has taken the vaporizer pen market by storm and has been cleaning up the yearly awards for best vaporizing technology.

Kandypens continues to add to the award-winning engineering that gave us the fantastic Kandypens Galaxy. This time, the pen comes with two atomizers that have very different effects on cloud size and flavor.

For instance, The battery features one of the fastest heat-ups around. Perhaps the most significant improvement is the Elevated Airflow System. It ensures you can expect long, clean draws every time you take a breath of Gravity vapor. It might be Kandypen’s finest accomplishment.

Coil or Coil-less?
Moreover, Every time you use your brand new Kandypens Gravity, you have the choice between the two included atomizers: a quartz crystal chamber with dual quartz rods or a coil-less chamber in a ceramic dish. There are benefits to using either one. The coil-less chamber is much easier on your material. You can expect more natural hits and deeper flavors any time you use this atomizer.

The other option is the dual quartz rods. These will use the ultimate power of the device to deliver the most significant, cleanest hits possible. The dual quartz rods have a reputation for using more of your resources, but the result always seems to be worth it.

Handcrafted Quality
Indeed, the critical success of the Kandypens Gravity begins and ends with its uncompromising production quality. Every Gravity is manufactured by hand in the United States. Each pen is also subjected to the most stringent quality controls. Every part of the device has been exceptionally well thought out. Even the battery is temperature-controlled with an auto-shutoff feature to keep it safe from overheating. While using only a single button, you can cycle through the best temperature settings that go, in order :

  • Pink: 300°F
  • Red: 350°F
  • Green: 390°F
  • Blue: 430°F

The variety of settings helps to give you the best possible vapor, no matter which atomizer you are using.

Kandypens Gravity Vaporizer

Kandypens believe in their technology so strongly that they are willing to give their temperature-controlled battery a lifetime warranty. You can expect to use this device for a long time. Especially considering the usability improvements that have increased the longevity of the Gravity. These are improvements like adding a carb on the mouthpiece to improve airflow and reduce buildup.

The previously mentioned Elevated Airflow System also functions to keep buildup low, especially at the bottom of the atomizer pit. To further ensure quality for life, Kandypens maintains that no wicks, dyes, or glue used to manufacture the Gravity or any of their other pens. Less adhesive means less toxicity and more vapor over the long haul.

Falling With Style
Lastly, Many essential voices have expressed their love for the Kandypens brand, and they have developed something of a reputation as a status symbol. Their offices are based out of Santa Barbara, California and their products embrace their SoCal roots. They are featuring in magazines, websites, and newspapers as being the next big thing in vaporizer pens. Every Kandypens product has a personality. The only trick is finding the right pen for your look.

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