Kandypens Feather Vaporizer

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The Feather vaporizer by KandyPens is a 3″ compact and stylish vape made for use with nicotine salt e-juice. The durable battery housing is encased in a soft body rubber exterior that fits comfortably in your hand. The auto-draw feature is great for on the go and doesn’t require a power button. Available in multiple colors with a design that will bring you joy each time you pick it up. Collect them all and have a stylish accessory for every occasion.



Kandypens Feather Vaporizer is a super-compact, portable e-juice vaporizer specifically designed for use with nicotine salt. Powered by a 380mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery with .8 Ohm resistance, the Feather generates huge clouds of flavor-rich vapor instantly. For instance, fngineered for on-the-go vaporization, the Feather features an air-activated heating system that produces vapor on-demand as you inhale, enabling quick, convenient, and flavorful hits. Featuring a 2mL refillable tank, the Feather holds an ample amount of nicotine salt vape juice. Lightweight and with powerful vapor production, the Feather is easily concealable and discreet; palm-sized and portable, the stealthy design enables you to easily vape on-the-go.


Designed to deliver a smooth, flavorful punch of nicotine salts on the go, the Feather vape boasts a powerful 15-watt output. Calibrated to the ideal temperature for extracting the most potency from nicotine salt, the Feather delivers large, dense, and flavorful rips while maintaining a silky smooth vapor profile. Completely free of control buttons, this breath-activated e-cigarette allows you to take quick, convenient hits throughout your busy day. While many e-cigs utilize pre-filled tanks or pods, the KandyPens Feather features a refillable tank, allowing you to explore any e-juice. Developed and designed in the USA, this handmade e-liquid vape combines portability, vapor quality, and ease of use to deliver the ultimate nicotine salt experience.

Kandypens Feather Vaporizer

Boasting a slim, lightweight, and compact design, the KandyPens Feather is extremely pocket-friendly. Engineered for stealthy, portable usage, the Feather vaporizer stands at only 80mm high and 8mm wide. Light as a feather, this tiny but mighty e-cigarette is easy to conceal in your palm, pocket, or purse. A sleek, ergonomic rubber finish enables comfortable usage, while a translucent tank displays e-liquid levels. Conveniently, the Feather e-cig can be charged via micro USB. Enjoy delicious, dense, and potent vapor with the utmost portability, potency, and discretion.

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