JUST CBD Honey Sticks 10mg

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JUST CBD Honey Sticks 10mg

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JUST CBD Honey Sticks 10mg Just CBD believes that you have the right to know what is inside your CBD products. It is their mission and promise never to misrepresent the content of their products. With the help of world-class lab tests, you can be confident that Just CBD is made with industry-leading quality, honesty, and love.

Each one of these sweet sticks is filled with an infusion of natural honey and CBD, making for a scrumptious, easy to eat the treat. Individually packaged, the honey sticks can be tossed in your backpack, purse, or lunch box.

– 10mg CBD per Stick

Pack of 100 Sticks

Just CBD Honey – Honey Sticks – 10MG 100ct

Each of these Just CBD Honey Sticks is made from natural honey and infused with your top quality CBD oil. A delicious treat that’s easy to use and carry on the go. Small thin sticks can be used as an additive with any beverage. Our CBD Honey Sticks are each packed with 10mg of CBD oil that helps bring comfort and relaxation. 100 sticks per Jar.

Usage: Additive and Edible

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CBD Honey Sticks


Just CBD

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CBD Hemp Oil

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JUST CBD Honey Sticks 10 mg each CBD Honey stick is an infusion of, boosting benefits like increased relaxation and pain alleviation, combined with all natural honey provide a delicious way to get your daily dose of CBD. Whether taken on the road as a quick snack or enjoyed in a hot tea, our honey sticks make a perfect treat.

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