Chernobyl Strain

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Originating from TGA Subcool Seeds, the Chernobyl strain of cannabis is known for its heavy-hitting, yet calming effects on both the body and mind. Chernobyl is classified as a Sativa-dominant hybrid. As such, it is a go-to marijuana strain for many MMJ patients in search of its exceedingly sweet terpene profile and its unique ability to help combat a variety of mental disorders.


Chernobyl Strain

Chernobyl Strain With outstandingly long-lasting effects, Chernobyl is a fantastic medicinal strain for those who can’t or prefer not to top up their cannabis levels continually. With reports of effects lasting up to three hours or more, sufferers of longstanding conditions can seek comfort in this fruity bud.

Often described as energetic and extremely cerebral, Chernobyl is first and foremost a fantastic solution for sufferers of anxiety, depression, and stress. Unlike many sativas with a similar profile, there are very few reports of Chernobyl causing paranoia or other adverse mental effects, making it a strong contender for these types of conditions.

Ideal for daytime use, this bud won’t skew regular functions or tamper with your ability to focus; in fact, it is a great to-do list strain! Power through your day with a relaxed mind, body, and soul, or enjoy it with friends as you find yourself enthusiastic and engaged in conversation.

Not only great for mental health conditions, Chernobyl also works to relieve chronic pain and headaches associated with other underlying conditions. Many sufferers of eating disorders have reported that this bud kick-starts their appetite within the first hour, also making it an excellent choice for those who have lost their passion for food as a result of another condition or medication.

Allow the happiness and relaxation to wash away your pain and stress with ease as you find yourself enjoying the little things in life and experience pure relief.

We are glad to say that unlike many sativa buds, Chernobyl has an almost clean record when it comes to mind-altering paranoia or anxiety. That’s great news for those already struggling with conditions like this, and it leaves them wide open to give this bud a go as a medication.

Potential side effects that are more likely are dry eyes and dry mouth, and possible dizziness or headaches if taken in too large a dose. As always, we recommend anyone looking to try a strain for the first time exercise caution.

This sativa-dominant hybrid is a mind-melting bud that works wonders for a range of conditions. Of course, not everyone reacts the same to all strains, and so we would love to know what you think of this one in the comments below!

We love it for its fruity, exotic taste and it is incredibly social, happy effects that last so well throughout the day. It’s undoubtedly a yes from us!


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