Bubble Hash 1gram

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Bubble Hash 1gram is made through a process called ice water extraction, which uses cold water to separate trichomes from the flowers. The mix is then sifted through several screens.

It has  70% to 80% THC and is extremely potent. One of the world’s most popular types of hash is bubble hash, colloquially known as ice water hash.

Unlike many other forms of concentrates, bubble hash does not use the excess raw-plant material. Bubble hash is all about the trichomes and forgets about the rest. While its potency may not be as high as other forms of concentrates, it is a pure extract without the excess byproducts.

Bubble Hash 1gram

It is a wonderful extract created using cannabis that typically turns the final result into a dark brown, somewhat crumbly solid. The name comes from the bubbles that form when bubble hash is smoked.

Despite the name, Afghani Bubble Hash is straight out of BC. If you’re looking for that extra push, add some of this quality hash to your bong bowl or joint. With this hash, in particular, you’ll enjoy its soft and malleable texture and its wonderfully sweet taste.

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