Birthday cake mini rolls Sativa

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Birthday cake mini rolls Sativa come in a 12 pack of .3g Mini Rolls with the perfect dose. And in specific strains for your choosing. Birthday Cake Mini Rolls Sativa preroll, 3.6g from the Tokes brand offering a Sativa experience of the Birthday Cake strain.

Firstly, with a tropical sweetness descended from its Zkittlez lineage. This euphoric hybrid is known for leaving its fans rested, relaxed, and refreshed. Popular for relaxation and mood elevation. For instance, tumboldt County is known for its rich cannabis history and Humboldt Farms takes pride in every bud that goes into their jars of Classic Flower. Weight? oz.

Tokes Mini Rolls come in a 12 pack of .3g Mini Rolls with the perfect dose in specific strains for your choosing. Weight 3.6 G

Cannabis Type Sativa

Type Of Product Preroll

Strain Birthday Cake THC

Total 177.2mg

Birthday cake mini rolls Sativa

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